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Stevens County DFL
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County Officers:
Chair -Jim Dieter
Vice-Chair - LeAnn Dean
Secretary - Laura Thielke
Treasurer - Troy Goodnough
Outreach - Jeff Lamberty

Wes Flinn
Dave Aronson
Bob Kopitzke
Diane Nelson
Roxane Malland
Mary Huebner
Collin Westgard
Ann Borman
Sharon Martin

Precint Officers:

Baker Township:
Chair - Laura Thielke
Framnas Township:  
Chair - Roxane Malland
Vice Chairs - Aaron Jordan & Dennis Johnson
Morris 1-A:
Chair - Matthew Sheets
Morris 1-B:
Chair - Troy Goodnough
Vice Chair - Jim Dieter
Morris 2-A:
Chair - Argie Manolis
Vice Chairs - Arne Kildegaard & Bob Kopitzke
Morris 3-A:
Chair - Collin Westgard
Vice Chairs - Wes Flinn & Alison Whalen
Morris 3-B:
Chair - Keith Davison
Vice Chair - LeAnn Dean
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